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These photos were taken by A.J. Urquhart

The Wonderful Cast Of Miscast Cabaret 2020
Our Cast, Crew, and Directors
Madisyn Trubshaw Performing "Sincerely Me" From Dear Evan Hansen
David K, Caleb V, Makayla T, Sofia N, Tina S, Andrew Z, Tina S, Nikki S and Sam S performing "Pandem
Sarah Davis in "Hey Good Lookin"
Makayla Trubshaw, Nikki Susanto and Audrey Davis in "Carrying The Banner"
Madisyn Trubshaw
Andrew Zollers In "Pandemoinum"
Carys Del Rosario and David Kretz In "Serious"
Nikki Susanto
Audrey Davies and Madisyn Trubshaw In "Mushnik and Son"
Jason Jones, Director Of Miscast Cabaret
Caleb Walker and Patrick May In "Secondary Characters"
Sofia Nuno, Sarah Davis, Cora Marchewitz and Audrey Davies in "Hey Good Lookin"
Jeevan Southwick
Madisyn Trubshaw and Audrey Davies In "Mushnik and Son"
Caleb Volz
Charlie Iliff
Nikki Susanto and Sofia NunoIN "What Causes That"
Andrew Zollers
Andrew Zollers, Sarah Davis, and Jeevan Southwick In "You're Going Back To Jail"
Jeevan Southwick adn Sofia Nuno In "Hey Good Lookin"
Sofia Nuno
David Kretz
Max Rivas
Jeevan Southwick, Patrick May, Caleb Volz, Sam Smith, David Kretz and Indigo Sedgewick In "Telephone
Cora Marchewitz
Taylor Diaz(Director) working on "Where Do You Belong" with the whole cast during tech week
Andrew Zollers In "Schuyler Sisters"
Mikey Frary
Caleb Walker In "You're Going Back To Jail"
Sofia Nuno, Audrey Davis, Carys Del Rosario, Cora Marchewitz, and Sarah Davis as Newsboys In "Carryi
Sam Smith
Carys Del Rosario In "Giants In The Sky"
Jeevan Southwick, Caleb Volz, Max Rivas, David Kretz, Tina Sanaee, Andrew Zollers and Carys Del Rosa
Caleb Walker
Carys Del Rosario
Caleb Walker and Sarah Davis In "You're Going Back To Jail"
Carys Del Rosario and Mi'Tyanna Grant singing solos in an all cast song "You Can't Stop The Beat"
Sarah Davis
Patrick May
All Cast Doing A Kickline In "Where Do You Belong"
Sam Smith and Makayla Trubshaw In "Hey Good Lookin"
Nikki Susanto and Sofia Nuno In "Telephone Hour"
Mi'Tyanna Grant
Carys Del Rosario In "Giants In The Sky"
Catherine Rimar
Sofia Nuno and Nikki Susanto In "What Causes That"
Indigo Sedgewick
David Kretz, Charlie Iliff, and Patrick May as Nuns In "Carrying The Banner"
Sofia Nuno In "Waving Through A Window"
Taylor Diaz, Director Of Miscast Cabaret
Patrick May In "Secondary Characters
Makayla Trubshaw, Jeevan Southwick, Max Rivas, and David Kretz In "Telephone Hour"
Tina Sanaee
All the ladies in Miscast Cabaret singing "Carrying The Banner"
Cora Marchewitz, Patrick May, and Sam Smith In Gaston
Audrey Davies
Nikki Susanto, Sarah David, Sofia Nuno and Mi'Tyanna Grant, Carrying Caleb Walker In "The Legend Of
Charlie Iliff In "Gorgeous"
Claire Moore, Director Of Miscast Cabaret
Sofia Nuno and Sarah Davis in "You Can't Stop The Beat"
Makayla Trubshaw
Nikki Susanto and Sofia Nuno in "What Causes That"


These photos were taken by A.J. Urquhart

Finale of the show, the killer is revealed!
Victor Winslow
Moments before Lila Lamonts death
Eve Fulton, Head Writer of "Hold Back The Night"
Pete Griffin, A Private Investigator, played by David K.
Skyler Trent and Alison Trent moments after discovering the body of Victor Winslow
Zara Dare, Young, Beautiful New Star of "Hold Back The Night", Played by Kenzie G.
Skyler and Toni teaming up to murder Victor II
Lila Lamont, A Gossip Columnist, played by Makayla T.
Chad Martin, Juvenile Lead On "Hold Back The Night"
Victor Winslow, observing his game
Alison Trent, Jelous wife of Skyler Trent, played by Hannah D.
A sweet, romantic moment between Pete and Brenda
Cathryn Winslow interrogating Victors Affair, Zara Dare
Toni Crawford, Snobby, Leading Lady of "Hold Back The Night", Played by Taylor D.
Chads Big Entrance During Finale
Killer is revealed, Eve Fulton is the killer
Skyler Trent, Leading Man Of "Hold Back The Night", played by Jason J.
Chad Martin, Young, New Lead on "Hold Back The Night"
Talbert Worthington preparing to murder Victor II
Kathryn and Toni are heart broken after finding their best friend, Lila Lamont, Has been murdered.
Talbert Worthington, Elderly man who has been on "Hold Back The Night" for years, Played by Jeevan S
Kathryn, Toni and Louise sharing a light hearted moment at the beginning of the party
Kathryn Winslow, Victors Attractive Wife, Played by Cora M
Skyler and Toni planning on drowning Victor II
This was captured a few moments before our first run during tech week
Victor Winslow, The Very Wealthy Producer of 'Hold Back The Night", Played by Caleb W
Pete has finally caused all the chaos to end by finding the murderer, Eve Fulton
Maureen O'Malley, Victor Winslows personal chef, Played by Victoria F
Maureen, Gary and Eve discover the body of Lila Lamont in the game room
Durwood, Mr. Winslows Butler, Played by Sam S
Victor explains his game "13 Past Midnight" to his guests.
Brenda Moss is one of Mr.Winslows many maids
Eve Fulton critiques Lilas column right in front of her along with Toni, Lilas friend
Eve Fulton, Head Writer on "Hold Back The Night", Played by Jo R.
Lousie Burke, a bitter, old lady who has been on "Hold Back The Night" for years, played by Tina S
Eve and Gary discussing what they think is going to happen to their show and if their jobs are in je
Gary Anderson, Director of "Hold Back The Night", played by Mikey F
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